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Next-level hospitality and energy efficiency through integrating IoT

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Guest Room Management System

The reality of a next-level eco-friendly and cordial atmosphere

By integrating IoT with the room, the Guest Room Management System has the ability to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the guest. The system collects, accumulates, and sends out information from the guest to provide the ultimate hospitality service.

The IoT device and the hotel communicate to control the lighting, air conditioning, curtain, sensors, etc. within the room. This is accomplished through Sanko Telecom’s automated program to enable the perfect space. Furthermore, the information collected, accumulated, and exported produces a more advanced hospitality service, energy management, and efficient operations.

Guest Room

The data attained by implementing IoT technology into the room can, for example, maintain comfortable temperature or dim the lights in the room. Analyzing the accumulated data provides the ability to understand the guest’s preferences for a better stay. Sanko Telecom supports to provide this ideal hospitality service.

Cost Reduction Through Precise Energy Management

The automated program optimizes the hospitality service to not only provide a comfortable atmosphere for the guest but also to be energy cost efficient. No matter if the room is occupied or not, the system can manage the energy that is more precise than ever. In addition, by combining eco-mode and super eco-mode, energy can be up to 20% more efficient.

Efficient Business Operations

With a room with IoT implementation, a guest can request cleaning service with just a push of a button. The request is instantly sent to the back office or a smart device through the automated program. The staff is able to process and respond to the request in real-time, creating an improved and efficient guest service. Time saved from the efficient business operations can be used to create and implement other services.

New Level Guest Experience

An application in a tablet can control minute changes for lighting, air-conditioning, and curtains. Furthermore, by turning a picture of the room into an AR animation, the changes with the lighting, air-conditioning, and curtains can be seen within the image on the tablet.

Better comfort, more practical

A large variety of Product lineup to Cater to every need

The room management system is highly reliable as we have successfully placed our product in multiple overseas top hotels as well as residences. We provide an abundance of panel selection to fulfill the needs of our diverse clientele. The room management system our company provides is world-class in both technology and design aspects. As a result, our system has been used by distinguished designers, architects, hotels, and residences.

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Introducing Guest Room Management System
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Further Efficiency of Operations and Energy Management

We offer a solution to increase the efficiency of operations and reduce the power cost by combining with the building’s energy management system.

Main application examples:

*We can customize with the guest preferences.

Multilingual Guest Service Application


Application that provides an amazing guest experience.
8 out of 10 hotels in the top hotel group utilizes the iRiS application.

Increase Sales

Use of functions such as room service and shopping contributes to increase in sales.

Cost Reduction

The digital contents processes and updates continuously from the management system. This reduces the need for paper process costs.

Improved Guest Experiences

Provide not only excellently designed and multilingual luxurious guest experience but also with next-level hospitality. A more comfortable and relaxing stay.




Smart Hotel Experience

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Introducing Guest Room Management System
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Maintain Hospitable Wi-Fi

We can provide high functioning Wi-Fi with speed, security, and low costs. A useful and safe Wi-Fi network for both guest and hotel staff in rooms, lobbies, lounges, and offices.